Exciting news reached us this morning on the Breakfast Show ;( Juice 107.2 FM, available on DAB and online at www.juicebrighton.com) Worthing had an earthquake. Yep, the quiet seaside town was rocked by an earthquake this morning at 7.59am, traditionally the time I take a pee, before we embark on the all-important news at 8am. I didn’t feel a thing (I’m referring to the earthquake, not my pee apparatus) but the residents of Worthing were apparently woken by ‘shaking.’ The last time Worthing was ‘shakin’ was when Shaky played the Pavilion back in 1987. This was big news.

'Green Door, blah, blah, blah'

This was how it was reported on our beloved Argus website;

‘The quake struck at 7.59am, had a depth of 10km and its epicentre was around 75km south-east of Bognor, according to the BGS. It was the largest earthquake in the area for almost 300 years. One worker said it felt like a “big lorry had gone by in a hurry”.’

That last line is quite telling. My immediate response on hearing this breaking news was exactly that. A lorry, late for important delivery, was zipping through the village of Worthing on the A259, reaching up to speeds of 30 mph and it was this that had caused such a commotion in a place that hasn’t seen this much excitement, well, since that Shaky gig back in 1987.

It got worse. Hove, a place so overrated, residents add ‘actually’ on the end, jumped on the natural disaster bandwagon, by claiming that they too, had been woken by the tremors felt by neighboring Worthing. Aren’t they all doing Thai Chi on Hove Lawns? This is typical Hove. If it happens nearby, claim it as yours. They claim to hold The Mayor and Mayoress of Brighton (Norm and Zoe) within its parameters, when it’s obvious to one and all, that they live in Portslade.

If indeed there was an earthquake this morning, lets thank our lucky stars that no-one was hurt and that it was in Worthing. More to the point let Worthing have its glory and let them enjoy this moment. Back off Hove; it’s time for the sleepy town to rise.