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Guy Lloyd’s 2 Minute Telly Show

guy-lloyd-2-minute-showIn my 2 Minute Telly Show, I ask the good people of Brighton “What’s your news?”. New episodes every weekday on Brighton’s Latest TV every day after the news segments – Freeview Channel 8 / Virgin Media 159.

Watch can also watch all the episodes on YouTube here.

Here is a little teaser to whet your appetite.

Guy Lloyd’s TV Show

guy-lloyd-tv-showI do a weekly show on Latest TV every Friday at 7pm (repeated Saturday at 7.30pm) where I cover different aspects of life. Everything from god to ghosts to public displays of affection to the end of the world. It’s all in there.

I explore this by sharing my own views, going out and asking the public theirs, all interspersed with film clips from the internet. You can watch my show my on Freeview 8 or Virgin Media 159. If you can’t be arsed with that, here’s all the episodes on Youtube.

Episode 23


Episode 22


Episode 21


Episode 20


Episode 19


Episode 18


Episode 17


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Guy’s Best Bits

With a face like this, I’m wasted on the radio, so I now pop up twice a week on the telly. Over the years I’ve been doing telly from events such as Fatboy Slim live on the beach, Brighton Pride and Shakedown Festival. All of which you can see in my best bits below.

I love the telly but it does require extra attention on the hair. I’m OK with this.

Show Reel 2015


Shakedown Show Reel 2011


Vince Venus

In 2015 I went mad, made up an alter ego called Vince Venus and went on National TV in front of 12 million viewers and sang Queen’s, ‘I want to break free.’ It was a huge success. If you don’t believe me, have a look for yourself.

Vince Venus on Britain’s Got Talent