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Everyone’s got a YouTube channel haven’t they? Well I’m no different.

But here’s the catch. I am.

Have a look at some of the ridiculous stuff I get up to and please subscribe. If you don’t, I will find you and when I find you, I will…very politely ask you to subscribe.

Watch can also watch all the episodes on YouTube but here is a teaser.

Guy’s Best Bits

With a face like this, I’m wasted on the radio, so I now pop up twice a week on the telly. Over the years I’ve been doing telly from events such as Fatboy Slim live on the beach, Brighton Pride and Shakedown Festival. All of which you can see in my best bits below.

I love the telly but it does require extra attention on the hair. I’m OK with this.

Show Reel 2015

Shakedown Show Reel 2011

Guy’s TV shows

When I’m not busy talking about myself on the radio, I regularly pop up on the telly on Latest TV. I’ve presented various shows, ‘The 2-Minute Telly Show,’ ‘Guy Lloyd’s telly show’ and ‘Vince Venus does…’ which can be seen on Freeview 8 and Virgin Media 159 and on my YouTube channel.

I love presenting ‘The 2-Minute Telly Show.’ It’s just me bombarding strangers in the street and asking them, ‘what’s your news?’ Always an eye-opener.

2 Minute Telly Show