The scene was set; an interview with Liam Gallagher, at the Grand Hotel, just prior to his new band, Beady Eye, playing Brighton Centre that night. He doesn’t do a lot of interviews these days. Likes to meditate in his room now, rather than rip into journalists. He’s a changed man but always good value. I was told that a few minutes in the company of Mr.G, would be a memorable moment in my life and who am I to argue? He’s a twat, or an icon, depending on who you talk to but I was willing to find out for myself.

If I was given the choice, I would probably say that his elder brother, Noel Gallagher, would be my No.1 choice. He just seems more, well, saner? Very dry, very intelligent and very funny; whereas Liam seems like the loose cannon in the family; the weird kid, best ignored. Gallagher junior seems slightly unpredictable but worth a shot, if you catch him on a good day.

Apparently, this was a good day to interview Liam. I was told he was strutting around the Grand, happy to talk to the staff, pout for photos and sign expensive serviettes. I was ready for him; questions prepared, camera at the ready and hair looking good. And then I got the call; the interview time had been bought forward and I was unable to do the slot. I was on the school run. As much as I love Liam, I love my son more (vote for me in this years ‘Father of the Year’).

I was gutted. But I headed down to the Grand later anyway to see if I could grab him in the toilet or something. There was very little happening at the hotel, so I headed to the venue and loitered outside with the autograph hunters but still no sign of Liam. I was told he was inside already and preparing to go on stage.

'Hello, I'm not who you want me to be.'

The sex mad fella from the Inbetweeners popped out for a fag but that was as exciting as it got. And then, just as I was about to leave, out came Gallagher. Not Liam, not Noel but Paul. He DJ’s on the tour and he’s obsessed with making fresh juices; no Liam and no Noel for that matter but a nice chap.

Sometimes in life, you have to settle for bronze.