Vince Venus

In 2015 I went mad, made up an alter ego called Vince Venus and went on national TV in front of 12 million viewers and sang Queen’s, ‘I want to break free.’ It was a huge success. If you don’t believe me, have a look for yourself.

Vince Venus on Britain’s Got Talent


After BGT, a star was born and Vince has gone on to play Glastonbury Festival with his band, SOCK and host and perform at many events, including hosting the main stage at Brighton Pride and being the warm-up DJ for Sister Sledge.

So f**k you Simon Cowell.

Here are some of the highlights from Vince’s TV show, ‘Vince Venus does…’

Vince Venus and his best bits




Here’s a little sneaky peak in to Vince’s everyday life.

Vince goes shopping




Vince has his own TV show. I mean, why wouldn’t he?

The Vince Venus TV show, ‘Vince Venus does…’




You can watch all the episodes on YouTube.

Vince is clearly a vision of beauty and just to confirm that, here he is strutting his stuff around his hometown in Brighton. Find out more about Vince’s band here