What do we think of star signs and horoscopes then? I’ll be honest, I’m intrigued but I’ve never been entirely convinced. There have been times when I feel I’ve really needed them, even relied on them but if I’m honest they were probably during some pretty low times, when I just needed something to give me hope and get through the day. A kind of a guiding light during some troubled times.

I’m usually drawn in to the star signs for the next twelve months when they have those New Year’s horoscopes in the tabloids at the start of the year; love, career, money, etc. That’s bollocks surely? Again, I can’t be sure. I guess the big test would be to keep those predictions and then review them at the end of the year.

During one of my troubled times, when I first moved to Brighton in 1999 and I was completely lost, I visited a tarot reader. I’d got tired of the tabloid horoscopes and I needed some one- to- one action. I had no career direction at the time, I just knew I had to get out of my current one and I had just started seeing her a girl and suspected I may be in for the long haul but again, I wasn’t sure.

Anyway, during the course of the reading he made references to a dramatic change of career (I went from social carer to radio) and he claimed, without knowing my girlfriends star sign, that I would marry a Leo. I married my Leo girlfriend, two years later. Impressive stuff. But again, I wasn’t entirely convinced. ‘What star sign are you?’ has never been my opening line to any prospective love interest, for two reasons; Firstly, I’m more of a pretty face/nice bum man. Secondly, I don’t want to sound like a twat.

However this week, I’ve been forced to rethink my opinions on star signs and horoscopes. Or at least be open to the idea, there may be something in it. During the course of an eight day stretch (May 5th-May 13th), I have five very close friends birthdays. All of them Taurus (obviously, as they all have birthdays at this time) and all of them girls (I prefer hanging out with girls, see previous blogs). Outside of that, I have another three friends who celebrate their birthday this week. We’re not as close as the Big Five but they have the potential, if they work really hard at being nice to me.

All of these Taurus types have similar traits and I find them all fascinating creatures. We also get along like a Bull on fire. (I’ve never set fire to one but I’d imagine they would go up, eventually).

So am I convinced that Sagittarians (that’s me) get along with only certain other star signs? I’m not going to base my life on it but give me a Taurus or a Leo over a Pisces, any day.