Well that was a good summer eh? That big yellow thing stuck around for longer than usual and at one point, I was in danger of getting a serious tan. And I still like to hold on to the ‘pale and interesting’ indie kid look, I’ve had since my teens. Since we’ve moved to the rolling hills of Hollingbury, we’ve been able to enjoy a garden with barbeques and long summer evenings.

Some nights, I would just sit out and watch the stars because that’s what you do when there’s no pubs in walking distance and even the 24-hour Asda has closed up for the night. I love the summer and having lived in Sydney for five years previously, I’ve been spoilt by it in the past. However, a strange thing happened when I lived in Australia. I missed winter. I actually missed six months of darkness.

If you’ve lived abroad but always had that strange pining for home in the back of your mind, you’ll probably know why. It’s because, given the right mindset and attitude and enough mulled wine; winter rocks.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Winter is my least favourite out of the big four. It is the Monday of seasons. It is the season we dread and can’t wait to see the back of. But let’s look at the positives. For me, between November and December, I blossom into an out of season daffodil.

I don’t know whether it’s a Sagittarian thing but for someone who likes to socialise all year round, I am at the top of my game around this time. I embrace the social rules which seem to bend a little at this time of year. Namely, you can eat and drink as much as you like. Because, its winter, you’re probably a little depressed just by the sheer lack of light and you bloody well deserve it.

I also love parties. I organise one every year for my own birthday, of varying degrees of size but it’s something I decided to do a long time ago and will probably do until my dying day. I enjoy organising them and I love being around the people I love before everyone disappears for Christmas. Ah yes, the ‘C word.’ I’ve said it.

I never really liked Christmas but then I became a parent and that all changed and now I love it. Status Quo play the Brighton Centre every December; another reason to love winter.

Cosy nights, open fires, snowball fights, the football season, good telly, happy children, January sales, silly hats, cuddling up in bed, colds good enough to call in sick and watch that box set….the list goes on.

Embrace winter and it’ll hug you back.