Well another Brits and yet another crushing disappointment. It’s to be expected really. I go through this every year. I get really excited and then I realise, traditionally about half way through the show, that it’s just another glorified Top of the Pops. Now TOTP was THE show back in the day but it was cancelled for a reason. Combine this format with a back-slapping awards ceremony, full of music industry people and it’s no wonder it falls a little flat.

There’s no doubt its got slicker but do we, the great British public want slick? The Grammy’s are slick. But it’s also incredibly dull. I like the fact that it’s gone back to the music. Last nights show at more live performances than ever before and some were excellent (Adele, Rihanna) and some were dire (Olly Murs).

But we don’t really care who wins do we? I don’t think I’ve ever met someone that votes. Clearly people do, just not the people I know. So what’s missing? What do we want to see at an awards ceremony?

I think we want to see some Rock N’ Roll. We want to see some misbehaviour. We want celebrities and musicians make an arse of themselves. Yes, Liam Gallagher is and has been a bit of a knob at previous Brits. But at least he was entertaining. Who can forget Jarvis and Jacko on full moon night? Or Chumawumba, enjoying a John Prescott, with ice? Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood with zero chemistry and charisma? We loved every second didn’t we?

'Moonwalking? If you like moons, watch this...'

That’s what we want to see. What did we have last night? Plan B slightly tipsy and James Corden desperate to hit the 10 0’Clock news.

Come on musicians of Britain (imagine Tom Baker saying this), let’s shake things up next year.