Good evening to you. I’ve got busy period coming up in the crazy world of showbiz, kicking off with Brighton’s very own Brits.  Yes, the Brighton Music Awards kick off on Tuesday at the Brighton Centre and I’ll be hosting, along with my partner in crime, Andrea Fox.  Fox…now where have I heard that before at an awards ceremony? Ah yes, Samantha Fox, hosting the Brits, along with a startled Mick Fleetwood, back in 1989. Now that was a show.  So excruciating to watch, you couldn’t take your eyes off it.

Now, I don’t want to tempt fate here but if we walked onto the stage on Tuesday, blindfolded, with no previous knowledge of the music industry for the last fifty years with microphones made out of carefully crafted carrots, I think we would still do a better job. I’ve just empted fate haven’t I?

' Hello. We've no idea what we are doing.'

I loved Samantha Fox, ‘back in the day.’ They were the first pair of breasts I had ever seen and they were truly magnificent. Mick Fleetwood is a musical genius in his own right. But put an auto cue in front of them and we saw them crumble before our eyes. This is making me nervous now. Let’s change the subject.

Jimmy Page and Roger Daltrey will be in attendance giving out awards. Now I’m nervous. Need to think about breasts, need to think about breasts, need to think about…

In other news, I’ll be down at Churchill Square on Saturday, hosting, ‘Face of Brighton.’

This is Brighton’s search for the next hot model. Look no further, than the man on the mic…

I’m heading to see ‘Thriller-the musical’ now; I really hope he doesn’t die at the end.

Take care til next time x