Hello. Hope you’re good. Well, it had to happen. I’ve been getting up at 4am for the last three and a half years and this morning was the morning that I finally missed the start of the show. Not only did I miss the start of the Breakfast Show at 7am, I missed the whole of my early Breakfast Show from 6am. In fact I rocked up, sheepishly, bowl of Shreddies in hand, at 7.40am. I was mortified.

Thankfully, when working in a duo, the other can step in and fill those uncomfortable silences between songs, when it becomes apparent a presenter is missing. And for that, I thank you Andrea Fox. And, Foxy will be the first to admit, I’ve had to do it for her on more than one occasion.

'f**k, s**t, f**k, s**t..'

I’m not a morning person. Those were my first words when I was offered the job. But I bloody love doing the Breakfast Show at Juice. I just wish it was a slow continental Breakfast, like they have in Spain or France, where you stir around 10am, have a leisurely orange juice soon after and hit the pastries around 11. That’s a Breakfast. Who has Breakfast at 6? The stomach needs to sleep too.

Anyway, I’ve apologised to my bosses, I’ve apologised to my wife for swearing repeatedly when I saw the alarm clock this morning and I apologise to you, if you were offended by my absence. You were probably asleep yourself, or listening to Radio 4.

Anyway, here’s to early starts. I promise it will never happen again. And for the future of radio, let’s consider going continental.