Hello you. Hope all is good in you’re world. Sun is shining here in Brighton but I’m slightly concerned we are just delaying the inevitable onslaught of darkness and eternal hibernation. Anyway, on a lighter note we have the very wonderful Robyn on the show tomorrow. She’s a feisty sort, having interviewed her before but nothing we can’t handle.


'Hello. I'm named after a gay superhero.'











The Tings Tings will pop in on Friday’s show and we’ll be chatting to Mr and Mrs. Ting, Jules and Katie, who are apparently a couple. A couple in a band? That makes me feel a little claustrophobic. Anyway, I’m sure they’re happy. Although I’ve never seen them smile. That’s all I’m saying.

I’ll be DJing at Life on Saturday night for the indie night ‘Hold Up’ but I won’t be playing the new Ting Tings track, caus I don’t like it. I do like other stuff, so come on down and hear it.

Right, I’ve got to get my head down now and write a comedy preview for XYZ magazine.

It’s all going off next month for the big comedy festival in Brighton. Frankie Boyle, Jimmy Carr, et all. They’ll all be down, doing jokes. Pick up XYZ in any outlet from early October.

Before that, I must trot on down to watch my beloved Spurs. One must prioritise certain things in life.

Speak soon x