So Brighton, we have our very own TV channel. Launched last week, we can now watch the very people we bump in to in Morrisons and wandering through the lanes, on your box. You’ll start to recognise every corner of Brighton, as a news presenter reports in front of a wall you had a wee down the previous week. Our village, we like to call a City, is about to get smaller and this can only be a good thing. You, me, anyone, can make some telly and then go home that night and watch yourself, whilst desperately hoping we’re not in HD (don’t worry, we’re not).

I did this last week. It was very odd. We recorded the Brighton Lights Launch on Tuesday and it went out on Launch night on the Thursday. I couldn’t watch it because I had to go back to the studio to record the next show (that’s showbusiness). But I did pop in to the pub across the road to meet some friends and there I was; my big, fat face staring back at me from the telly. Not since my appearance on Crime watch back in 2004, have I been so proud, yet mortified. It’s a strange feeling.

I think I probably speak for most of the team when I say nobody had a clue what we would actually look and sound like. We are not and never will be the BBC. We are not even Channel 5. There is much work to be done. But Bill Smith and freinds have achieved so much just getting this far and he’s created something very special in terms of what this could do for Brighton. Yes, it’s going to look and sound a bit shabby in places but that’s the beauty of local TV. It will never be shiny and glossy. Many of the team are doing TV for the first time, whether on camera or behind the scenes.

But in the most amazing City in the UK, with the hub of talent we have on offer, surely it’s time to showcase it? Creativity gets to a point where it needs to be seen and enjoyed buy a bigger audience and Latest TV will give that opportunity to everyone in Brighton.

I’m enjoying it immensely. It’s very different from radio. It’s very exposing. And I felt very exposed last Thursday. But I know with changes and viewer feedback, I’ll have a show to be proud of in the near future and hopefully one that will entertain you. I think we all will. It will take time but for a station that is just three days old, it’s been a generally well received.

One thing I’ve really noticed since being on the telly. I’m going to need more than three shirts.