So it appears Arry’s in a spot of bother about some tax thing. He allegedly (that word may well pop up again) took some money or a ‘bung’ as the prosecution have alleged (there it is) and put it in a secret offshore bank account.

Stuck for names and wanting to steer away from that ‘wheeler-dealer’ image, he decided to put the money in an account under his dog’s name, Rosie. Great story but slightly disappointed he didn’t put it under his wife’s name, Darren Bent.

This trail has a couple of weeks to go and they’ll be many twists and turns but as a Tottenham fan, am I worried? Well the short answer to that is, no.

I love ‘Arry. He’s been our best manager for years. Whether he’s dodgy or not, I don’t really care. He has got Spurs playing the best football in the Premier League, he’s brought the best out of all the players and he’s respected throughout the game. In short, when it comes to the beautiful game, I trust him completely. In fact, I’d quite like him to be my Dad. He’s clearly wasted on Jamie.

The other thing lingering issue over Mr.Redknapp this year, is something potentially a lot more damaging to one’s health; that being the job of England’s next manager. He’s a clear favourite for fans, players and his fellow managers but the F.A will be watching proceedings nervously, over the course of the next few weeks and for good reason.

Harry Redknapp; no Brad Pitt.

If he’s found guilty, the F.A won’t touch him. (Don’t panic we’ve got Alan Pardew and Sam Allardyce to fall back on.)  If he’s innocent, he’s odds on to take the England job by the end of the summer.

If he’s found guilty, where dies this leave Tottenham? Well, to be honest, I think they’ll be right there, where you left them ‘Arry, waiting with open arms to welcome you back. Daniel Levy won’t care. He’ll just want his main man back, tax dodger or not.

So where does that leave me as a Tottenham fan? Do I want Dad to go down, for the good of the club?

Of course I do. I love Redknapp but I  love Tottenham more.