Good day to you. Hope all is well in your world. I’m sitting here in my PJ’s longing for an excuse to hibernate for the winter but work beckons, at least until January, when I can live like an agoraphobic hamster until the spring.

My next big job is tomorrow night at the Hove Centre, where I will be hosting an evening of FA referees. Now, I don’t what your experience of the men are black are like but I would put my fondness for them, right up there with traffic wardens and brussel sprouts. And here lies my dilemma.

'Free kick. Don't argue or I may have to kill you.'

I could have fun with this. I could quite easily come up with some witty lines around my feelings on referees. However, if you’re hosting an evening in front of 300 referees, you don’t really want to upset them too much. I’m outnumbered and I may be in for more than a caution and a yellow card. But the temptation is great, so I’ve come up with a plan; a cunning one, at that.

I shall go to the pub tonight, with a Scottish mate, who also has a problem with the ‘b*****d in the black,’ have a couple of pints, get fired up watching Spurs and write some referee related jokes. I will then sleep on it and see how it looks in the morning.

As Spinal Tap once said, ‘It’s a fine line between clever and stupid.’ And tomorrow night promises to be a fine line.