Hello! I’m not dead! Hooray! Sorry for the lack of blogging but I’ve had to fight off thousands of other Guy Lloyd’s to retain this here website. I am now the only Guy Lloyd in the world that owns this website, the other Guy Lloyd’s have had to scurry off to a small island where Guy Lloyd’s gather and discuss stealing my identity. They will be back but for now I’m here and I’m your very own Guy Lloyd, which is nice.

So what have I been up to? Well, all is good on the radio front, having just interviewed the funniest band in the world; the Hoosiers. These boys make me pee myself every time I meet them. They also pee themselves with my own silliness, so what we are left with is a interview conducted in a big puddle of pee. This is a good place to be and we are very comfortable with it. The band themselves have left their record label (they were feeling unloved) and are now ‘doing it for themselves,’ as the great Aretha once said. I wish them luck, because they are genuinely the nicest guys in pop. Irwin (the lead singer) and I have struck up a bit of a blossoming bromance and we’re in the early stages of possible comedy collaboration. Watch this space.

The next Hoosiers Album cover.

Talking of comedy, my regular comedy partner (Gorgeous George) and I can now confirm our next comedy show after our successful Brighton Fringe debut last year. We’ll be doing two dates (May 15th and 18th) Upstairs at the Three and Ten and you must come. It’s called ‘The 7th funniest show in the Fringe.’ It’s not amazingly funny but funnier than the 8th. We’ll be giving away a Thai Bride and we’re also going to be joined by an American singing legend who says, ‘hello,’ a lot in one of his songs.

I recently had the pleasure of seeing my facial moles on the big screen, having made a cameo appearance in the 20 minute short, ‘Straight Out,’ which has just been accepted in to the International Gay Film Festival. I played a Radio DJ (which was a stretch) and got to say the immortal line, ‘we’re going to line two now, where we have Maude from Hangleton, who apparently has four testicles.’ A line I have always wanted to say but never quite had the courage. Anyway, if you missed the premiere at the Sallis Benney and can’t make the film festival, it will be back in Brighton later in the year.

And that’s my news. It’s good to have you back.

I’ve got to go now; Guy Lloyd is calling the landline.