Good day to you. Hope you are well. I am because I’ve just been to a hotel. I love hotels. Hotels to me are a beautiful thing; even the Jury’s Inn in Brighton. I’ve just come from there after an interview with (here comes the name drop) Tinie Tempah, a pop star, right at the top of his game. He was hanging out in the bar having a Berrocca, probably sick to the back teeth of hotels.

If you’re on tour, one hotel must blend into another but every hotel has something different about it (it’s usually the carpet) and for this we should love and cherish the great hotel.

'Hello, welcome to Doncaster.'

When I think of hotels, I think of fun, adventure, romance and bad decor. From your Grand Hotels to your Holiday Inn’s, they all encourage the finer things in life; bad behaviour and big breakfasts. I stayed in a hotel in Prague a few years back and it was a place of utter debauchery and decadence. I was there for a work conference but i didn’t want to leave. I would have quite happily moved in.

Even in my home town of Brighton, I’ll go to a hotel whenever i can. Not to stay (I’ve got a flat for that) but just for some olives in the bar (Grand) or a swim in the pool (Hilton).

When I go to the Brighton Centre (not my favourite place in the world),  I’ll avoid the cues at the bar and swing by the Grand for a slightly more expensive beer (free olives and a man playing piano though) and then head back to the centre, just as the band comes on stage.

Hotels are so Rock n’ roll. Book one now or pop in for a cocktail.