Well hello there. Here we go again; my first blog of 2012. Thanks for dropping by. There are a few additions to my website, hope you like. I’ve finished the Baileys, so let’s crack on with another year.

Things are a little calmer at the radio station after a manic December. We’ve got a few new artists coming through in the next couple of weeks, some of them with the poison chalice that is ‘hotly tipped for 20… (fill in the blank)’ Always a good/bad thing for a band. It’s a tough industry as we know but hype can work for or against you. There’s really no telling.

‘Cover Drive’ (friends of Rihanna, don’t you know) and girl band ‘Stooshe’ will be gracing the corridors of Juice towers later this month. You heard it here first (or last).

In other news, congratulations to Latest TV, who have been granted a licence to have their very own telly channel for our glorious City. There’s a long way to go but it’s looking good so far. I’ve really enjoyed presenting for them over the last year and we’ve got some great documentaries coming up. I’m about to embark on an 8 week programme with a personal trainer from next week, with the goal being to ‘lose the paunch’ and ‘install some significant lifestyle changes.’ I’m scared. And missing cake.

Also in the pipeline ‘Guy does the Amex,’ when we’ll have unlimited access to our beautiful shiny new stadium and I’ll also be filming a day in the life of one of Albion’s first team players..

Almost done and up on the website in the next couple of days is ‘Guy does Brighton Wheel (terrifying)’ and ‘Guy does street dance.’ Yes, street dance. Keep an eye on http://thelatest.co.uk/7/latest-tv

I’m back hosting all the regular stand-up comedy nights around Brighton from next week, including the Foragers and Alibi in Hove and kicking off with the Whistlestop Inn in Portslade next Wednesday. Check out my events at the bottom of my website for more details of upcoming gigs. We’ve also got big plans for Brighton Fringe Festival with comedy crew, filthy gig dog in May. I’ll let you know more nearer the time.

Finally, also bubbling under, a pilot football podcast with the chaps from Toe Poke. This is basically a bunch of metrosexuals, dishonouring the good name of British football. I’ll let you know when and where you can here it, as soon as we’ve cleared it with our legal team.

One more thing…

Does anyone know where we can get a good legal team?