Hello. The blog is back! Sorry for the delay. I’ve had writers block for three months and it’s been neglected. Still able to sign autographs, breasts, etc but anything over the words ‘Guy Lloyd’ has been a struggle.

I jest of course. I’ll be honest; I’ve been busy changing lives. Mine, mainly. I’ve changed shows at Juice 107.2 and it’s been quite a transition. I’ve moved from the Breakfast Show to Drive time in the afternoons. In short, it’s the difference between looking like Bruce Forsyth and the girl off the ‘because I’m worth it’ advert. Cheryl? Claudia? Katona? I’m not sure who but you get my drift.

Nice to see you...I'm knackered.

In short, it’s the difference between five hours sleep and eight hours sleep. I did five years on Breakfast and I have to say I loved almost every minute of it; apart from the ‘getting up in the dark’ bit. I’ll be honest, towards the end, I was the living dead. (this doesn’t make great radio).

The opportunity came up for a shake up at the station and it was time for me to freshen up and fight off the onslaught of ‘Brucie.’ There are a lot of upsides to doing Drive time. Apart from the extra sleep, I’ve just returned from my third sea swim in a row, on an empty Brighton beach, I’ve had a lovely relaxing breakfast and I’ve managed to catch Holly Willoughby every morning on the telly. Then I rock up to work at 1pm and get ready to entertain the city with my stories of sea swimming, porridge and celebrity crushes. It’s gripping stuff. Tune in.

There is a downside though. There is to every job and mine is no different. With a later afternoon slot, comes the temptation to grab the candle and burn the bugger from both ends. Yes, the temptations of Brighton’s nightlife have reared its ugly but ultimately seductive head. I’m on week three of Drive and I’ve had three minor hangovers.

This time next year, I’ll be in rehab; broadcasting live of course but with strict instructions to be in by 9pm.