Hello and welcome to my blog. This is my life. Very excited about hosting Brighton Live at Concorde 2 tomorrow night. Headliners Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly has to be the best band name in the world. It’s probably the last thing Superman says before he leaves the house, assuming Lois Lane has done his pack up. I love superheroes and any band inspired by a man in a cape (or a woman in a cat suit) is on a winner in my book.

'This counts as flying yeh?'

Brighton Comedy Festival also kicks off this week and I’m heading to Best of the Fest this Friday at the Dome, which is basically a very lazy way of seeing loads of comedians in one night.  Local hairy fella,  Seann Walsh is my tip to storm the festival this year.

Got some very exciting news next week but you will have to read my next blog to find out more. Night in tonight with Sir.Alan and the wife. Lovely. Take care and speak soon xx