I’m reeling a little bit this morning people. I, like the rest of the nation, am waking up to the headline, ‘Stabbed in the Beck.’ Yes, the news that Stuart Pearce is leaving David Beckham out of Team GB.

It’s unbelievable isn’t it? He’s the most recognisable Englishman on the planet. He’s most beautiful man on the planet. He’s still got the best hair on this here planet. Yet, Pearce went for Micah Richards and Ryan ‘away from home’ Giggs.

'Yes I am hot. But I'm also a bit thick.'

He’s missed a trick here, has Pearce. This is the Olympics. It’s Team GB. This is what is viewed in America as ‘soccer.’ It’s not real football. It’s just a bit of a kick about. It’s like one of those Celebrity football matches. We don’t need Giggs and Richards. We need Olly Murs and Jonathon Wilkes. Bring back Bobby Charlton and let’s throw in Kevin Keegan. Come on! We’re on the telly! Let’s have a giggle. Let’s be really British about this. Yep we can take the running, jumping, swimming seriously but Olympic football? Does anyone care?

David Beckham should be in the team and he should be captain and the Spice Girls should be the half-time entertainment. We’ve got the Euros and the World Cup. Who really cares about Team GB as it stands at the moment? Beckham is a draw. He’s box office beautiful. I’m a straight man but I wouldn’t say no to a rumble with Golden Balls. (I wouldn’t touch them though).

David Beckham is a proud Englishman and part from the odd dodgy haircut and Rebecca Loos, he’s done us proud. This was his last hurrah and Pearce has pissed all over his party.

And that makes the Olympics and all the money that’s being ploughed in to it, even more pointless.

Shame on you Pearce.