1)      It really is the season to be jolly, even if you have to fake it. It’s that little window in winter, when we can momentarily shake off our seasonal affected disorder and pretend we’re having a good time. We can smile and when we receive that surprise Christmas card from a work colleague (knowing that it won’t be reciprocated) and justify that it’s ok to spend vast amounts of money on loved ones, (knowing that it will be reciprocated). If you spend most of December doing the above, you’ll forget you’re depressed and actually believe you’re happy, by the time you get to the big day. (Warning; depression will return on Boxing Day).

2)      It seems to be perfectly acceptable, both in Brighton and nationwide, that’s it OK to binge drink throughout the course of December. Most employers will actively encourage it, not only with the traditional work party but also an increased amount of random ‘after work drinks.’ It gets to a point when there’s no actual work going on in the office and that the company is actually in meltdown in the week leading up to Christmas. Drinking heavily also blocks out a lot of the feelings you get in my first Top reason to embrace Christmas (see above).

3)      If you’re single, you’re in for such a good time, if you choose to. There’s never a more rampant time of the year for a singleton, than Christmas. Two of the reasons are already stated previously; chasing the opposite sex will alleviate feelings of winter gloom and drinking heavily will make everyone appear more attractive and more likely to get sleep with you. It’s the one time of the year that Tina in accounts, could actually be an acceptable conquest, if it’s done on the sly and she doesn’t blab about it the morning after.